Cogniant for Psychologists: Next Generation EMR for Psychologists


Next generation EMR specifically for Psychologists – Sign up for free trial here

Cogniant is a Singapore based social enterprise for Psychologists by Psychologists. This award-winning and proven clinical document management and patient support platform enables improved clinical efficiency and increases client engagement for early intervention.

Cogniant for Psychologists

  • Digitization and Scanning: Striving to be paperless? Cogniant helps clinics alleviate the problem of paper by providing all the logistical and platform support to digitize existing paper notes.
  • Client Management System: Need all your client information in the one place? Want to perform e-screenings or e-assessments? Cogniant’s portal gives ability to transact and maintain all the client records digitally and perform assessments for common screenings like K10, PHQ9, SCARED and more electronically on your client’s phone.
  • Multidisciplinary care: Share client’s case history, with other approved therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors or care managers electronically for multi-disciplinary care and set therapy goals and medication reminders for clients electronically.

Cogniant for Clients

  • Speak the language of client: On average adults spend 3.8 hours a day on their mobile phone. That is almost 25% of time they are awake. Improve engagement and connect with your clients through their mobile phone!
  • Thought journaling: Thought journal for the clients based on ABCDE or CBT techniques. Your client can fill this journal up at their own convenience.
  • Self-help tools: Provide self-help tools to your clients, e.g. relaxation techniques, breathing exercises.
  • Goal setting and Medication reminders: Cogniant’s mobile app Sallie already has pre-built list of goals for clients and with the support of therapists, client’s can customize or add new goals. The app keeps track of client’s progress towards goals and nudges them towards completion. The same functionality can also be used to perform medication reminders and alerts, if required.

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Cogniant is a startup funded by Singapore Center for Social Enterprises and also being adopted by clinicians at Institute of Mental Health (IMH). It has won several awards at SWITCH 2017 and at NHGs Innovation Challenge and its goal is to make technology useful for human centric care. For more information or enquiries, please email – Website –



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