Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s is hiring a Clinical Psychologist/Psychologist

Objective: To provide clinical assessments and administer batteries of psychological tests to children and youths who may present with significant psychological issues that include mental health concerns (e.g., depression and anxiety disorders, trauma, self-harm, ADHD, etc) or risk of harm to others (e.g. aggression, ODD etc.).

Clinical Case Consultations

  1. To provide assistance clinical case consultations at case review meetings (e.g. Care plan meetings). The aim is to assist multidisciplinary team in the overall management of cases.
  2. Administer a range of psycho-educational tests
  3. Evaluate & determine suitability of children for mainstream education.
  4. Work closely with professionals in the team to identify & address behaviour problems in children.
  5. Develop and implement appropriate intervention strategies to address clients’ developmental/ learning/emotional/ behavioural issues
  6. Provide consultation to support stakeholders (e.g., family and staff) in management of clients’ developmental/ learning/emotional/ behavioural issues. 

Technical Competencies  

A Master degree in Clinical Psychology / Psychology

  1. At least 3 years of work experience in a related setting after completion of postgraduate degree is preferred;
  2. Possess effective interpersonal skills;
  3. Good report writing skills; and
  4. Work well within a multidisciplinary team.


Interested applicants, please contact Everlyn Tan at


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