Children’s Aid Society is hiring for 2 positions

2018 marks our Society’s 116th year serving the community. Through the years, we have adapted our programmes and services to meet evolving social needs. At Melrose Home, we provide a nurturing home away from home for vulnerable children and youth who are coping with family violence and child neglect issues.

Moving forward, we strive to play a bigger role in preventive work for our vulnerable beneficiaries and support underserved families in the rest of the community. This will be achieved through a new service centre in Woodlands that aims to deliver early psychological and therapeutic interventions for children and youth in need. This  is scheduled to start operations in early 2019.

If you are interested to be a part of our dynamic team and advocate for the successful lives, stable families, and a strong community, below is a list of our available positions.

Positions available

  1. Manager, Counselling & Psychological Service Centre
  2. Senior / Psychologist (Counselling / Clinical / Educational)


Please send your resume to


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