Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre is hiring a Paediatric Clinical Psychologist!

Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre is looking for a paediatric clinical psychologist to join their wonderful team.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct clinical interviews, screening and assessment for individuals or group consultations
  • Enhance the quality of the patient care through consultation and collaboration with the other clinical team members
  • Work with children from 2-16 years old with a wide range of challenges including:
    • Difficulties with Development: autism, ADHD, general and specific learning difficulties
    • Mood and Emotions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions, compulsions, impact of trauma, separation anxiety, phobias, mutism
    • Behavioural Difficulties: meltdowns, anger outbursts, aggression
    • Difficulties with Friendships: making and maintaining friends, isolation, withdrawal, bullying
    • School Issues: attendance, academic progress, motivation, behaviour, relationships with teachers, bullying


  • Master’s in Applied Psychology (Clinical/ Counselling) / Doctorate in Psychology (Clinical) / PhD (Clinical) in Clinical Psychology / Applied Psychology
  • Registered with Singapore Psychological Society
  • Prior working experience in pediatrics setting, ideally with a minimum of 5 years experience
  • Experience with children with difficulties with development including ASD and ADHD is essential

To apply, please contact Ms Jo Fisher (Clinic Manager) at jo.kaleidoscope@gmail.com.

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