Singapore Airlines is hiring an Aviation Psychologist!

Job Description

The successful candidate will support the pilot recruitment and selection system and provide inputs on psychometrics. The candidate will also be the safeguard of pilot psychological well-being, and strengthen partnerships with stakeholders & to use technology to provide a more proactive framework for pilot psychological well-being. Apart from that, the candidate will explore possible areas in Human Factors and Safety where aviation psychology inputs can be useful and provide support to other stakeholders (Training, Flight Operations Safety, Security & Quality etc.) where needed.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Improve pilot selection aptitude test battery.
  • Improve interviewing process.
  • Identify issues faced by pilots.
  • Increase awareness of pilot mental health and the help available.
  • Roll out proactive initiatives.
  • Use technology to enhance support system.
  • Strengthen partnerships with stakeholders to improve the support system.
  • Identify areas where aviation psychology inputs can be used.


  • Possess at least an Honours degree in Psychology or Bachelor of Arts with a graduate diploma (in Psychology). A Masters in Psychology will be preferred.
  • At least 3 years of experience in psychological practice and/or counselling, preferably in related areas and preferably license/certification to practice in the country he/she received his/her degree from.
  • Good planning, organisation and communications skills.

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