IACCP 21st International Congress


Welcome to the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology's (IACCP) 21st International Congress from July 17-21, 2012, in the Rainbow Nation of Africa in Stellenbosch, South Africa, the heart of the Rainbow Nation.

The overarching theme for this congress will be Nurturing Diversity for Sustainable Development, but will also include a wide range of timely discussions led by an international team of keynote psychological experts on topics such as personality, cognition, clinical, gender, changing and indigenous culture, health and mental wellbeing and of course, cross-cultural sensitivity.

In addition, there will be a rare opportunity for 50 post-graduate students in psychology and related fields to attend the PhD Winter School (July 13-16), taught by seasoned cross-cultural psychologists. Some participants will even be eligible for special grants and assistance.

The Stellenbosch University campus is surrounded by majestic mountains, lush vineyards and the region is home to a diverse range of cultures; there is an exciting collection of social events and tours planned, including a tour of the Kayamandi Township, a visit of the Sustainability Institute, celebrations for Mandela Day (July 18), a tour of the local wineries, the Aquila Game Reserve tour and even a shark diving adventure!

The IACCP 2012 Congress promises to be an enriching and unforgettable Cross-Cultural Psychological experience. Don't miss out on this thrilling opportunity!

For more information, please visit our website at: www.iaccp2012southafrica.co.za

IACCP 21st International Congress