[Coaching Psychology SIG] Bringing Biographical Dimensions of Meaning Making (BDMM) into Coaching Psychology

Topic:  Bringing Biographical Dimensions of Meaning Making (BDMM) into Coaching Psychology
Date: 25 August 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm
Delivery: Live Online Session via Zoom
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Coaching psychology has long debated the topic of the core aims and objectives of coaching. As introduced by Coaching Psychologists such as Grant (2017) and Stelter (2014), while differing in their approach, both suggest that coaching is moving towards deeper sustainability, personal meaning, values and identity work, also known as third generation coaching. And yet, as a profession, we still lack substantial evidence-based frameworks and models to help support coaches in this deep exploratory work. This session will build on the view of third generation coaching by exploring a new model for biographical inquiry called Biographical Dimensions of Meaning Making (BDMM)©. Furthermore, the speaker introduces a new way of exploring the non-conscious in coaching, described as the intersectionality of the past, present and future of meaning making structures.

About the Speaker
Saba Hasanie has spent over 20 years partnering with leaders on professional development throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Saba is currently Managing Director and Senior Partner of OSC Leadership Performance, a coaching psychology firm with four partners and over 40 Associates globally, based in Singapore. Saba works as both a coach and a coaching supervisor (CSA) and is deeply passionate and committed to building the evidence-based knowledge and practice of coaching. Aside from completing her Professional Doctorate from Middlesex University (2021), Saba has also contributed to the publication of various books on coaching and coaching supervision, currently pursuing publication in various peer-reviewed journals, and presenting in global forums. Saba has been based in Singapore since 2010 where she works with some of the largest brands globally, while also contributing to Singapore Government through her work with the Civil Service College.


  • 25/08/2021
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm