[Counselling Psychology SIG]: Workplace Counselling (EAP in Singapore)

Mental wellness is the key objective for EAP programs. A mentally healthy employee does better quality work and therefore increases productivity and the bottom line for the employer.

Interest in the EAP program has flared up concomitantly with COVID-19. Organizations big and small, local and international continue to call and write to businesses that look as if they could be the answer.

What is EAP? What does it offer? What is the ROI for the employer?

The presentation will review the history, development and prevalence of EAP globally as well as in Singapore. It will also inform on the relevance, constraints, morphology, contents, and reach of EAP programs best suited for the local context. The event will be of interest to both practitioners and organizations seeking to finetune EAP programs to better serve our workforce.

Speaker Profile

Dr Elizabeth Nair

Dr Nair is a Registered Psychologist and Supervisor, Singapore Psychological Society, Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Fellow and Registered Clinical Supervisor and Trauma Counsellor, Singapore Association for Counselling.

In 1989 Elizabeth Nair completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham, UK on the topic Stress Inoculation in Relation to War. This topic was in line with her appointment as Head of the Personnel Research Dept, MINDEF, the position of the MINDEF Chief Psychologist. She then continued as a tenured academic, teaching Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, Health Psychology and Group Dynamics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the National University of Singapore.

Elizabeth Nair joined EAPA, the oldest and prestigious international Employee Assistance Professionals Association in 2004. She has participated in several of their annual conferences over the years, and chalked up Continuing Education credits at EAPA training workshops. She has renewed her membership annually as a Professional Member and is listed as a EAP provider on their web-page.

Dr Nair is the Principal Psychologist and Lead Counsellor of Work & Health Psychologists (WHP). WHP has been an EAP provider mainly in  Singapore conducting workplace Manager and Supervisor training and coaching, employee counselling, and workplace critical incident  support. SMEs and larger corporations in Singapore tapped on Health Promotion board grants to run these services in their companies.

MNCs in the banking and finance industries in Singapore had established contracts from their headquarters in USA, Canada and Europe to provide for EAP services for their staff based in Singapore. International EAP providers who had long standing contracts with these MNCs looked for partnerships with local providers, and WHP filled this niche. As such, WHP has accumulated experience over 15 years as a EAP services provider in Singapore.


Date: 30 June 2020

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

This event will be conducted via Zoom. The Zoom invite will be emailed to the participants nearer to the event.
Please note that this session will be recorded.

Cost: SPS members – $5

SIG members – Free

Non-SPS members -$30

Deadline for registration: 29 June 2020


  • [Counselling Psychology SIG]: Workplace Counselling (EAP in Singapore)
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm