[IO Psychology SIG] Keeping in SHAPE for the lockdown!

IO Psychology​ SIG presents:
Keeping in SHAPE for the lockdown!



The COVID-19 lockdown has brought restrictions that have fundamentally changed our way of life. It has impacted how we work, socialize, and communicate, and it has generated much mental and emotional upheaval. With the uncertainty of future outbreaks and other events such as seasonal haze, the ‘stay-at-home’ restriction may become a ‘new norm’.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of lockdown-oriented self-help strategies on social media platforms. But they have also created a dilemma; “what strategies do I need?”, “which strategy suits me better?”, or “is there a best way to choose these strategies?”

The SHAPE system is designed to help you answer those difficult questions and effectively manage your wellbeing.

Our virtual talk will show you how this system works to keep you in ‘SHAPE’ for the lockdown.


Date: 6th November 2020
Time: 1800-1930 hrs
Fees: $30

Note: Zoom details will be emailed across to each successful registrant nearer to the date.

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Speaker Profile:

Dr. Goh Yong Wah (MA-Org. Psych, PhD, MAIA)
Organisational Psychologist

Yong Wah has over 18 years of experience in occupational wellbeing across cultures, organizational assessment and behavioural change. He has developed a wide range of training workshops and assessment tools that foster wellbeing, mindfulness and sustainable behaviour. Yong Wah has also presented various talks and online leaning sessions for organisations. He remains active in international research and publishes extensively in the fields of organisational psychology, positive psychology and sustainability. He is also a Zen meditation teacher and an accredited traditional martial art instructor. Together with his expertise in organizational behaviours, Yong Wah brings to the fore a unique blend of solutions that are both empirical and insightful.





  • [IO Psych SIG] Keeping in SHAPE for the lockdown!
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm