[One Psych Community] Tackling the COVID-19 Crisis

Singapore Psychological Society recognises the impact the Covid-19 situation has had in our society and has rallied our members and fellow psychologists to provide a stronger and more united mental health response. We are pleased to put forth a list of psychologists and psychological services that have stepped forward to help specifically with the Covid-19 situation.

In order to make this work effective and safe for our clinicians and clients, the work needs to be on a specific issue that has arisen as a result of the recent COVID19 pandemic. If your difficulties are more longstanding we would recommend you contact your Family Service Centre / GP / Polyclinic to help you find a practitioner who can help you. If you are already seeing a mental health professional, please try and get an earlier appointment to see them should you feel in distress. Please email the clinicians should you need support as we are experiencing a high volume of individuals seeking help.

Please take note that these services are made available only to specific cases relating to Covid-19 and are meant to be short term (Approximately 6 sessions though this can be discussed further with your therapist).

There is a National Care Hotline that will offer psychological and emotional support for anyone in need. You may also contact the 24 hour hotline 62026868 should you feel distressed. 

1. Seeking Therapy

For those who wish to seek therapy in view of the Covid-19 situation, you may contact:

2. Seeking Workshop

For organisations who might benefit from a talk/training on managing this issue, you may contact:

COVID-19 Workshops


  • This initiative will last from
    21/02/2020 - 21/09/2020
    12:00 am