Talks by Dr Au Mei Lan on The Feuerstein Method

SPS invites Dr Au Mei Lan to give 2 talks on The Feuerstein Method. Do note that the talks will happen on 22nd March and 24 March 2018.

About the Trainer

Dr. Au Mei Lan has pursued the Feuerstein Methodology since 2005 and is the first qualified IE trainer in the China regions. She has engaged in teacher training for over 20 years and has worked in the University of H.K., H.K. Baptist University, H.K. Education University & the Open University of H.K.

Dr. Au’s areas of expertise included cognitive development to enhance learning potential; curriculum, pedagogy and assessment approaches to cater for diverse learning needs; analysing student’s learning needs and enhancing their learning opportunities in the classroom; and helping parents to enhance the learning potential of their children.

Dr Au holds an M.Ed. & Ph.D. in Special Education, from the University of Manchester (U.K.). She is also a certified trainer & instructor in Feuerstein IE, IE-Basic, IE-Tactile, and a certified assessor in the Feuerstein LPAD, LPAD-Basic.

22 March 2018: The Feuerstein Method in Cognitive Intervention

Professor Reuven Feuerstein firmly believed that all individuals, regardless of their abilities and age, can dramatically improve their ability to learn through appropriate mediation. The Feuerstein approach is rooted in Professor Feuerstein’s unique theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM) and the implementation of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE), a powerful combination that enables practitioners to help unlock children’s – often hidden – potential. In this session, Dr Au will share how the Feuerstein method is being applied across various settings to correct deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills, provide individuals with the concepts, skills, strategies and operations necessary to function as independent learners, increase their motivation, develop their metacognition, and helps them “learn how to learn.


Date: 22nd March 2018, Thursday

Time: 7 – 8.30pm

Venue: James Cook University, A2-05

Cost: Free for SPS members / Non-SPS Members and public $15

24 March 2018: Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Workshop

Instrumental Enrichment (IE) is a cognitive intervention program that can be used both individually and in the classroom context. It aims at correcting deficient cognitive functions and enhancing the individual’s capacity to learn, think critically & solve problems by modifying their cognitive structures. For ordinary and high functioning learners, IE is an enrichment tool; for individuals with special needs, IE is used as a remediation program. To date, the IE program has been successfully used in the following contexts:

  • Enrichment programs for underachieving, regular and gifted children
  • Learning enhancement programs for immigrant and cultural minority students
  • Remedial programs for special needs children
  • Cognitive rehabilitation of brain injured individuals and psychiatric patients
  • Professional training & retraining programs in the industrial, military, & business sectors

IE materials are organised into 14 instruments that comprise paper and pencil tasks aimed at specific cognitive domains as analytic perception, orientation in space and time, comparison, classification, and more. Deliberately free of specific subject matter, the IE tasks are intended to be more readily transferable to all educational and everyday life situations. In this 3-hour workshop, Dr Au will guide participants and demonstrate how IE is achieved through the use of such instruments. Participants will also be introduced to the various FIE instruments and courses available.


Date: 24 March 2018, Saturday

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: James Cook University, A2-03

Cost: Free for SPS members / Non-SPS members and public $30



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  • 22nd March: The Feuerstein Method in Cognitive Intervention
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • 24 March: Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Workshop
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Venue:   James Cook University

James Cook University, 149 Sims Drive, Singapore, 387380, Singapore