Vision: The Promotion of Human Well-Being in Singapore
Mission: To Advance the Research and Practice of Psychology in Singapore

SPS Membership

Our application form is currently being updated to serve you better. Should you wish to apply for membership, please contact our Secretariat at for a digital copy.

As Singapore’s key and largest Psychology community, the SPS offers a range of memberships that may be appropriate for you. Join us to grow and impact others through psychology. 


Our Full Membership is suitable for psychology bachelor degree holders who have 2 years of relevant working experience. It is also suitable for Master or Doctoral psychology degree holders.
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Our Associate membership is suitable for psychology polytechnic diploma graduates. It is also suitable for psychology bachelor degree holders, graduate diploma holders, and post-graduate diploma holders who do not have the relevant work experience or post-graduate degree to qualify for Full membership.
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Our Affiliate membership is suitable for graduates of other relevant disciplines, who have an interest in psychology (e.g. psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, case managers, occupational therapists).
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Our Student membership is suitable for psychology majors who are currently enrolled in a tertiary educational programme.
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Honorary Fellow

The grade of Honorary Fellow is conferred to senior psychologists who have made extraordinary contribution to the advancement of SPS, and a distinguished contribution to the advancement of psychological knowledge or practice, over a significant period of time.
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Singapore Register of Psychologist (SRP)

The Singapore Register of Psychologists (SRP) is an official register of psychologists implemented and maintained by the SPS


For practitioner psychologists
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SRP Approved Supervisor

The SRP Approved Supervisor is an official register of supervisors implemented and maintained by the SPS

Special Interest Groups

SPS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) exist to support members in their professional development and facilitate the deepening of networks in focused areas of psychological practice.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology SIG aims to build a collaborative community of clinical psychologists and provide a platform for information sharing, networking, professional development and support for clinical psychologists. It also aims to share resources and frameworks towards ethical and effective clinical practice in Singapore.
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Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical Neuropsychology SIG supports a growing community of practice for the clinical advancement and professional development of practitioners, students and researchers in neuropsychology. We co-create peer sharing activities with local expertise and facilitate global networking opportunities with meaningful partnerships.
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Coaching Psychology

Coaching Psychology SIG focuses on enhancing life experience, work performance and well-being for individuals, groups and organisations who do not have clinically significant mental health issues or abnormal levels of distress.
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Counselling Psychology

Counselling Psychology SIG aims to support the growing number of Counselling Psychologists in Singapore and develop a network that will facilitate professional development, supervision and a growing a career in Counselling Psychology. It also aims to provide information and tools that will offer growth in the effective practice of Counselling Psychology in the region.
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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology SIG aims to build a community of educational psychologists and provide a platform for sharing of information, developing professional skills and knowledge, group networking, and peer support for educational psychologists.
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Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy SIG provides a platform to develop professional skills of clinicians who are interested in group psychotherapy, through sharing of ideas and resources, sharing of professional development opportunities, e.g. conferences, webinars, group psychotherapy facilitation, peer support and mentorship and advocate for quality group psychotherapy as a method of treatment that is clinically proven and cost-effective.
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Industrial Organisational Psychology

Industrial Organisational Psychology SIG aims to facilitate discussions around best practices for I/O psychologists, provide a support and network group and topics covered would cover the broad area of I/O psychology excluding coaching which is already serviced by an effective interest group.
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