SPS 40 MINDS Volunteer Project

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SPS 40 - MINDS Volunteer Project

As we celebrate 40 years of Singapore Psychological Society, the society seeks to give back to the community through a volunteer project.

We seek volunteers for MINDS - Project Engage and Fun Fiesta!

Yes we need you!


Empowering our adult clients with the freedom of choice, to choose activities that they enjoy and participate in it. This project also serves to increase the level of engagement among the adult clients. Staff/volunteers are also encourage to lead in activities that they have interest in.

Client Profile

The Training & Development centres serve adult clients(19 years old and above) with moderate to severe intellectual disability. Some clients are also diagnosed with multiple conditions (eg: Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy).

Important Information and volunteering dates for each centre can be found below:

Address: Blk 134 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 St 12 #01-1677 S(560134)

Centre Manager / Supervisor:

Lin Jiayong / Issac Loh, Acting Supervisor

linjiayong.atdc@minds.org.sg / issacloh.atdc@minds.org.sg


Days of Project: Mon, Wed & Fri (2-3pm)

No of volunteers / day: 7

Shutdown Dates: To be confirmed *not open on weekends or public holidays

Address: 7 Lorong Napiri S(547533)

Centre Manager / Supervisor:

Jaslyn Quek / Yolanda Tan, Supervisor

jaslynquek.ntdc@minds.org.sg / yolandatan.ntdc@minds.org.sg


Days of Project: Wed & Fri (2-4pm)

No. of volunteers / day: 10 (maximum)

Shutdown Dates: 3 - 7 June, 16 - 20 December *not open on weekends and public holidays

Address: Blk 267 Tampines St. 21 #01-09 S(520267)

Centre Manager / Supervisor:

Elene Liew, Manager / Kang Woon Kiat, Acting Supervisor

eleneliew.ttdc@minds.org.sg / kangwoonkiat.ttdc@minds.org.sg


Days of Project: Tues & Fri (2-4pm)

No of volunteers / day: 5

Shutdown Dates: 3 - 7 June, 16 - 20 December *not open on weekends or public holidays

Project Engage / Fun Fiesta!

Types of Acitivites

Sports, Music & Dance, Telematch games, Yoga, Arts & Craft, Cooking, Community Mobility (i.e. bringing clients out into the community)

Volunteer Profile

Traits of a volunteer?

  • Proactive; taking initiative to engage the clients
  • Enthusiastic; being energetic and having positive attitude to motivate the clients
  • Vigilant; ensuring clients’ safety (especially for activities conducted outdoors)
  • Good Teamwork & Communication Skills; having to assist staff and other volunteers during the activity
  • Passionate; keen interest to engage the clients

What do I need to do as a volunteer?

  • Engaging clients to participate in the activity lead by the staff.
  • Assisting the staff in conducting the activity.
  • (When the volunteer is confident & ready) Conducting and leading an activity to engage the clients.

**Volunteers may not be assigned to their activity of choice, as it will be dependent on the volunteer allocation of the day. Hence, volunteers should come with an open mind.

Interested? Indicate your interest and register using the form below. We will contact you at a later date to finalise all registration details.

SPS 40 MINDS Volunteer Registration Form

  • Personal Details

  • Please input a valid SPS Membership number.
  • MINDS Centres

  • Please choose the centres that you would like to volunteer at (you may choose more than 1 option)
  • Please note important dates for each centre:
    AMK TDC: Mon, Wed & Fri (2-3pm)
    NTDC: Wed & Fri (2-4pm)
    TTDC: Tues & Fri (2-4pm)
  • Please indicate centre and chosen days to volunteer (if more than 1 centre is chosen)