Vision: The Promotion of Human Well-Being in Singapore
Mission: To Advance the Research and Practice of Psychology in Singapore

Dr. Teoh completed her Ph.D. (Health and Social Psychology) at North Dakota State University, USA. She is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology and the Academic Head of the School of Social and Health Sciences at James Cook University, Singapore. Ai Ni is a researcher in health psychology. Her research focuses mainly on psychological and cardiovascular responses to stress, and hence she develops a specific line of research where she examines the social comforting and social encouragement effects of social support in response to stress. She has recently developed another line of research, where she focuses on bedtime procrastination. As an educator, Ai Ni aspires to train students to be wise collectors of knowledge and to show them how knowledge is constructed. In her free time, Ai Ni enjoys hanging out with her “friends” (i.e., Netflix and YouTube). She also enjoys catching up with her friends over great meals.