Vision: The Promotion of Human Well-Being in Singapore
Mission: To Advance the Research and Practice of Psychology in Singapore

Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology, and a Minor in Human Services, from the National University of Singapore (NUS). She also holds a Master of Psychology (Clinical) degree from the NUS-University of Melbourne joint-degree programme. She is currently a Principal Clinical Psychologist practicing in a public healthcare setting, working with adolescents and adults presenting with mental health conditions. Michelle is also involved in the teaching and supervision of Masters level clinical psychology interns, and doctors from the National Psychiatry Residency Programme. Michelle has been a volunteer with the SPS Membership Committee since 2016. She wishes to contribute to the advancement of psychology as a field in Singapore. In her free time, Michelle can be found in our local caf├ęs with her dog, or forest-bathing in our local parks and gardens.