Vision: The Promotion of Human Well-Being in Singapore
Mission: To Advance the Research and Practice of Psychology in Singapore

Personal Particulars
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Supervision Training: Completed clinical supervision training (minimum of 2-days or 12-hours) in the past 2 years
Supervision Received: At least 50-hours of supervision (individual/ group/ peer) received in the past 5 years from an SRP Approved Supervisor

(Two current SRP members, either: current SRP members or SRP members who are SRP Approved Supervisors)

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Document Submission

Please upload all supporting documents here. Do ensure that they are certified true copies. You may be asked to provide hardcopy documents where necessary.

Please ensure that you have uploaded the following:

SRP Approved Supervisor
1. Attach training certificates or proof of attendance

2. Two Character Referee Forms for SRP Approved Supervisor

Privacy of Information
I consent to having the above information published in SPS Membership Directory

The SPS treats the information provided with strictest confidentiality and would reject or de-register any person in the event of any violations of the Code of Professional Ethics (including the submission of any false information).

Have you previously been or are you currently under investigation by any disciplinary or legal tribunal?
Have charges of unprofessional conduct ever been brought against you?
Have you been convicted in the past of an offence involving a criminal charge or is there any charge pending?
I hereby declare that all information/documents submitted by me in this application is true and accurate.
I understand that any misleading statement, or omission may be cause for rejection of this application
I hereby declare that pending acceptance and if accepted, I agree to be bound by the prevailing Constitution of the Singapore Psychological Society and the Society Code of Ethics.
(1) If you respond Yes to any of the above questions, please submit an explanation and/or details of the outcome. Mark it Private and Confidential and attention to the SRP Membership Committee.  Please email your letter to the secretariat ( In considering your application, SRP Membership Committee or Members of the Council of SPS may request further information. A Yes answer does not automatically mean a rejection of the application. Each application will be considered on its merits.

(2) For SRP Approved Supervisor membership application process, all applicants need to be nominated by 2 current SRP members, either of the following: current SRP members or SRP members who are SRP Approved Supervisors of the society, who must sign and provide his/her SRP membership number on the nominators’ section above. Only applicants for international membership are exempted from completing this section of the form.

(3)  For SRP Approved Supervisor membership application process, SRP will require certified true copies of certificates, transcripts/academic records, curriculum vitae, training certificates or proof of attendance on clinical supervision training and any other supporting documents. Certified true copies mean photocopies stamped and signed as a true copy by the awarding university, awarding organization, Advocate & Solicitor, a Notary Public, a Justice of Peace or embassy ONLY.

(4) The certifying officer must not be a family member or spouse. Please submit certified true copies of marriage/partnership certificate, deed poll etc., if your name is now different from that on the certificates. Please note that we will not accept copies of documents certified by staff of current/past employer(s).

(5) SPS will email you on receipt of your application. Please arrange for the payment of your processing fee by Online Payment, Internet Banking, or Giro Payment.

(6) You will be given your reference code to check the status of your application. Please retain your reference code should you require our assistance.