Career & Networking Forum


The Public Education Team at the Singapore Psychological Society has been conducting career talks for students, and workshops for both students and practitioners since 2013. We have experienced an increased number of interests towards the study of psychology, and concerns over the prospect of finding a job after graduation.

In order to gain better and in-depth understanding of the issues and concerns, especially faced by students, the Public Education Team would like to engage them in a Career & Networking Forum session tentatively scheduled in December 2015. In the Forum session, we will be discussing the common questions that students often raised relating to psychological-studies based careers and jobs in Singapore - training pathway, career progression, professional development, regulation of practice, recognition and benefits, professional memberships, etc. 

In preparation for this forum and future engagement with students, we would like to first gather some input. We would appreciate if you could help disseminate the link below to all your students via their lecturers or respective Psychology student councils/societies.