SRP Professional Development Scheme

Professional Development Scheme

The initial continuing education policy was that SRP members were “encouraged” to accumulate “the equivalent of eight hours of continuing education per year” -- SRP Application Information (V).

The maturation of the Society meant that it became timely to introduce more stringent PD requirements here. 

The Guidelines for Completing Professional Development Log as of 2013 can be found here.

Please note that late submission of your PD log for 1 cycle will result in your being placed on conditional registration status. Once you have submitted your PD Log and it is approved, you may be reinstated to full registration for a late processing fee of $40.  Failure to submit your PD Log for two consecutive cycles will result in your being removed from the Register. However, you may apply as a new SRP member at any point in time. 

If you are applying to be a new SRP member within the PD cycle, you are not required to hand in your PD log during that cycle.