SRP Supervisor Membership

Qualification requirements for Supervisors

Maturation of the society has resulted in evolving standards concerning supervision. Some years ago psychology masters students could be supervised by non psychologists (people such as social workers/ psychiatrists, family therapists, etc.). These requirements were subsequently upgraded so that supervisors had to be Registered Psychologists or eligible to be registered psychologists. This means that some people who were well trained and might, for example, be a Chartered Psychologist in the UK or a licensed psychologist in the US or a College member in Australia were eligible to supervise even though they were not registered in Singapore.

The Criteria for eligibility as an approved supervisor are:

  1. 3 years of relevant working experience during which the person is eligible for SRP membership or is already a member of SRP.
  2. Must be a current member of SRP or be eligible for registration.
  3. One year of working experience in the Singapore context as a Psychologist.
  4. Has experience and training in the supervisee’s area of practice.

Renewal or Registration after 2017 will require the following additional conditions:

  1. Must be a registered member of SRP (with effect Mar 2017).
  2. Documentation of at least 100 clocked hours to supervisees during the 5 year period
  3. Documentation of supervision training during the 5-year period
  4. One time supervisor application fee of $40 applies. 

For those who are interested in being a supervisor, please download this Supervisor Application Form, and submit it to the SRP Committee for approval. The SRP committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. If you are seeking approval for an area of expertise that falls outside your degree training, please also submit documentation of additional training that covers this area of expertise. Approval for supervision will not be granted for areas that lie outside documented areas of expertise.

Notice for current supervisors

Please be reminded that if you are a current SRP approved supervisor, you will need to renew your supervisor membership in view of new criteria from 2017. Thank you.

For those members who are SRP approved supervisors from 2012, please click here for information on supervisor membership renewal.

Please use the forms below for logging of supervision requirements:

Template for Supervision Log (optional)

Sample Letter to document 100 hours of Clinical Supervision