Highlights from Public Lecture 2015

14 Oct 2015

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Public Lecture: Negotiating Parenting Style and Understanding Adolescents

On the 14th of October, JCU and SPS came together to host a public lecture, focusing on parenting styles and understanding the youth of today. The distinguished speakers of the night included Dr Foo Koong Hean (SPS member) and Nicholas Lim (SPS member, Public Education Chair) who spoke on the following topics:

Negotiating Parenting Style: How not to raise a brat in today’s complex world by Dr Foo Koong Hean (SPS Member)

Negotiating parenting might be the answer to parenting today’s children. Negotiation parenting is about making choice decisions that will help nurture and develop your children through the combined application of principled negotiation, philosophy, medical and food sciences, and modern parenting strategies.


Clash of the Mind and Heart: Understanding Adolescents by Nicholas Gabriel Lim

Parents often find it a challenge to understand, work with and manage adolescents. With the complimentary talk on Parenting Styles, this adds practically to how a parent can engage their adolescent a lot better.

Here are some highlights of the night:

Photo credits: JCU Singapore


Dr Foo sharing some valuable insights


Dr Foo engaging with a participant


Nicholas giving his talk on youth in Singapore


Nicholas sharing some insights into understanding adolescents


Participants listening intently to both speakers

It was definitely a night to be remembered and we thank all participants for attending and enjoying the presentations. For more photos please click here.

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Highlights from Public Lecture 2015