SRP Supervisor Application

SRP Supervisor Application

Effective June, 2017, all psychologists applying for SRP registration must be supervised by SRP approved supervisors for supervision hours they clock beyond those completed in their post graduate training. To be considered as an approved supervisor, psychologists should complete this application form and submit it to the secretariat via email along with a one-time $40 application fee. Eligibility criteria for approval are provided below. The SRP committee reviews applications ongoing and aims to notify applicants of their status within 30 days.

Note that registration as an approved supervisor is valid for 5 years, after which it must be renewed. Supervisors are notified by email of the need to renew 6 months prior to the renewal deadline. It is therefore imperative that SRP members notify the secretariat when their email address changes. The SRP will not be responsible for the failure of its members to notify the secretariat of changes in email addresses.

Criteria for eligibility as an approved supervisor:

  1. 5 years of relevant working experience during which the person is eligible for SRP membership or is already a member of SRP.
  2. Must be a current registered member of SRP.
  3. One year of working experience in the Singapore context as a Psychologist.
  4. Has experience in the supervisee’s area of practice.

Renewal requires the following additional conditions:

  1. Documentation of at least 100 clocked hours to supervisees during the 5-year period
  2. Documentation of supervision training during the 5-year period.

There will be a one-time administrative fee of $40 for all applicants.

Payment Instructions:

Cheque Payment

Please issue a cheque made to payee: Singapore Psychological Society with respective payment amount. Please write your full name or membership number, if available at the back of the cheque for easy verification.

Internet Banking Payment

If Internet banking is preferred, please arrange for a bank transfer to:

A/C Name: Singapore Psychological Society

A/C Number: 070 002 366 0

Bank Code: 7171

Branch Code: 070

Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

If paying by internet banking or PayPal, please indicate the transaction reference number and take a print screen of transfer amount made and email / attach it together with your application package.

Please also include your full name or membership number in the email / attachment for easy verification.


Please kindly note that the online form is currently under construction. To register, please complete the SRP Supervisor Application Form. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Online Registration

One time admin fee: $40

Online Application for SRP supervisor