What must I do to practice as a psychologist in Singapore?

The practice of psychology in Singapore is not officially regulated by the government. Anyone may call themselves a psychologist and practice. However, many practicing psychologists in Singapore are registered or licensed in other countries or choose to register themselves with the official, voluntary register maintained by the Singapore Psychological Society. Doing so indicates that they have met a certain standard of qualification as a psychologist.

What is the SRP?

SRP stands for Singapore Register of Psychologists. It is a voluntary regulatory system of psychologists in Singapore maintained by the Singapore Psychological Society. It promotes accountability and professionalism for psychological services. The main objective of the SRP is to advance the professional standards of psychological service providers. A second important objective is to protect consumers of psychological services.

Do I need to be registered in Singapore to practice there?

No. The practice of psychology is not regulated in Singapore. Anyone may call themselves a psychologist and practice.

What is the advantage of being registered in Singapore?

There are 4 advantages to registration

  1. More opportunities for employment – many large employers only hire registered psychologists
  2. Accountability – registration facilitates networking with other psychologists who share your standards for professionalism and ethics
  3. Better business opportunities – Members of the public seeking psychological services will go to the SRP directory on the website to find someone with expertise to assist them
  4. Networking opportunities – the SRP hosts events and meetings that bring psychologists together to learn and network.

What do I need to do to register with the SRP?

You need to submit a completed application along with all the relevant supporting documents and a cheque for 100SGD. Applications are available on our website.

How do I know if my degree will qualify me for registration?

The minimal degree required is a Masters degree in applied psychology. This means the training included practical training in psychological assessment and psychological intervention. Your degree must include a supervised practicum. Your degree must include supervise practical work in psychological evaluations. There are no exceptions to this rule at this time. A counseling degree does not qualify.

What is an applied degree in Psychology?

We define an applied degree as a program that includes a supervised practicum, supervised training in psychological assessments, and practical training in interventions or counseling. Degrees in counseling, family therapy, and other psychotherapies do not qualify.

I am applying for graduate programs now. Can I find out if the program I am considering is approved by the SRP?

The SRP does not preapprove specific programs for registration purposes. You must examine the program structure and curriculum yourself to see if it meets the criteria required for registration. Most importantly, the program should be a psychology program (not a ounselling, mental health, research program, etc) and include supervised practice in psychological practice. 

For queries on the type of postgraduate programs in Australia, UK and the US, it is highly recommended that you choose a program that will allow you to be eligible to be a licenced psychologist with the national regulatory bodies of that country e.g. APRAH, HCPC

How many hours of supervision do I need to qualify for registration?

The number of required hours varies with the year that you BEGAN your training program. Please refer to the application form for more details. 

What do I need to do to verify my practicum hours?

Verification can be provided one of three ways. The easiest is to submit a certified true copy of your signed practicum log. If you are licensed in the US or chartered in the UK, you can submit a copy of the relevant license or certificate. You can also submit a signed letter from your supervisor or relevant authority from your university stating the breakdown and number of your supervision and client contact hours.

I graduated with a research degree and then completed 1000 hours of supervised practice on the job. Will I qualify?

No. you must have an applied degree that includes a supervised practicum and practical training.

I completed an Australian 4 + 2 program and am registered there. Will I qualify?

No. You must have at least a master’s degree to qualify.

I have been practicing for five years in another country where I am registered with a diploma. Will I qualify?

No. You must have a master’s degree in applied psychology.

I have a PhD in psychology. It is a research degree but since I graduated I have worked as a psychologist and have logged 500 hours of supervision. Could I qualify?

No. You must have a degree in applied psychology. The degree must include a supervised practicum.

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I need a letter of good standing from SRP for registration with overseas organisations, is this possible?

SPS will be able to write a letter stating the type of membership as well as the duration that you have been a registered psychologist with the society. Criteria for registration and renewal will also be reflected in the letter. If you are an approved supervisor, this will also be reflected in the letter provided. In addition, an administrative cost of $40 will be applied for such a request.