SRP Membership Application

Register to be a SRP Member

SRP Registration

If you are a qualified psychologist registering for the first time, the following documents are required:

  • Completed application form (Form 1)
  • Documentation of Full SPS Membership (e.g., SPS Membership Number)
  • Certified true copies of all transcripts and certificates
  • Certified true copies of Practicum/Supervision Hours OR certified true copies of documents verifying that you are/were a licensed/ registered/chartered psychologist legally allowed to practice as a professional psychologist in: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America
  • One copy of NRIC or passport
  • One passport sized photograph (Do not glue or staple. Please write your full name and NRIC number behind)
  • Two character reference forms (Download). Please upload these forms in your online application.
  • Application fee of $100 (made payable to the ‘Singapore Psychological Society’). Please follow the payment instructions when submitting your application (Paypal preferred).

Please note that while certified true copies of all transcripts and credentials are required, the original copies may also be requested by the SRP committee for further verification. (Certified true copy of the original means that the copy must be stamped and signed by the issuing university or institute of higher learning, or notary public, or government body or restructured hospital. Each copy must be certified with a clearly indicated name and address of the certifying officer. A stamp stating only “True copy certified” will not be accepted.)

Prior to obtaining an official approval from the Singapore Psychological Society, applicants must refrain from using the title of ‘Registered Psychologist (Singapore)’. Notifications of registrations are sent to the successful applicants by post and include the Certificates of Registration (suitable for framing and display at the place of professional practice), registration numbers and effective periods of the registrations. This title (along with the Registration number) may be printed on name cards and other means of professional identification.


  • Masters or Doctoral Degree in Applied Psychology from a recognised institution

  • Minimum of 1000 hours of supervised practical experience

  • Full member of SPS

Online Registration

Yearly SRP Membership Fees: $60

1 time admin fee: $40

Online Application for SRP Membership (Please use the online form to apply for SRP.)

Manual Application for SRP membership (Only to be used when online form is not available.)

Standards Development and Professional Development Policy

When the SRP was first formed at the end of December 2001, the standards, which were set to qualify for registration, were appropriate to the developmental stage of the profession of psychology in Singapore at that time. As the profession matures, these standards will be revisited. Initial registration requirements in Singapore consisted of a Masters or Doctoral degree in Applied Psychology, full membership of SPS and evidence of 400 hours of supervised experience, of which 240 hours had to involve face to face client contact (60%), 80 hours had to involve supervision including at least 40 hours of individual (one-to-one) supervision (20%) and 80 hours could have consisted of other activities (e.g., psychological report writing)(20%).

Over the years, we moved to require an increase in the current practicum requirements from 400 to 600 hours, to 800 hours and eventually to 1000 hours in January 2010 to meet international standards. Please note that the current 2010 breakdown requirements for hours were reviewed in 2016 to reflect the following: (please refer to the SRP Application Form for more details).

 Pre 20062006 - 20072008 - 20092010 onwards
Total Hours4006008001000
Client Contact 240 (60%)300 (50%)360 (45%)400
Supervision80 (20%)*120 (20%)*160 (20%)*180*
Other80 (20%)180 (30%)280 (35%) 420