Vision: The Promotion of Human Well-Being in Singapore
Mission: To Advance the Research and Practice of Psychology in Singapore

Lim Zhi Min is embarking on her psychology journey as a Year 1 student pursuing a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology at Nanyang Technological University. Having worked at an advertising company, she hopes to utilise the skills she learnt to serve as one of the Publicity Directors of the SPS Youth Wing.

Curious about the influence of innate factors and childhood experiences on development, Zhi Min aspires to apply her psychology knowledge to work with children in the future. Driven and eager to gain practical experience in the psychology field, she has worked as a part-time research assistant at her university. During her summer break this year, she will be also interning at the Singapore Prison Service’s Clinical Psychology Unit at the Psychological Services Branch.

Zhi Min’s passion for enriching the lives of children extends to her volunteering initiatives, including tutoring lower-income students and engaging in play sessions with chronically ill children. A self-proclaimed lover of the arts, she also enjoys spending me-time exploring museums and has dabbled in theatre.