Governance Structure

SPS Council Members 2019 - 2021


Dr Cherie Chan

Dr. Cherie Chan graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the National University of Singapore and holds a Doctorate of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from Murdoch University (Western Australia). Cherie currently practices as a clinical psychologist at a private practice and works extensively with adolescents and adults presenting with a range of psychological issues. Cherie’s involvement with SPS started in 2015 in her previous role as the Publicity Chair where she revamped the SPS website and helped with effective dissemination of information to all members. She continues to serve with SPS this term in a new role and hopes to continue supporting the growth of the society, building professionalism and making an impact on society. Outside of clinical work, Cherie holds various professional appointments. She is the current Secretary for the Asia Pacific Psychology Alliance (APPA), and represents psychologists in Singapore as a member of the ASEAN Regional Union of Psychology Societies (ARUPS). Away from work, Cherie is always up for a good cup of coffee and enjoys seeking out new places while photographing her food-hunting adventures.

Carlin Lee

Vice President
Carlin Lee holds a Masters in Applied Psychology (Sports Psychology), and he has spent most of his career in the education field, educating and counselling students of various disciplines in the tertiary level. His working philosophy has always been: “Education is not just about giving information to students, but to give them the skills and knowledge to reach their own goals.” Carlin’s participation in SPS started from 2013 where he volunteered to participated in school outreach activities and organizing events for SPS Public Education, and served as the Public Education Chair from 2017 to 2019. He is also certified in Choice Theory / Reality Therapy, and career development facilitation and counselling. With his passion in bowling, you might find him in the bowling centres around Singapore in the evenings and weekends.

Sharon Lam

Honorary Secretary
Sharon's involvement with SPS began as a member, before serving in the Membership Committee from 2007-2010. During her term as the Membership Chair, she and her team actively strived to connect members through a range of social activities. She continues her volunteering with SPS this council term with a different portfolio. Sharon currently works at a private child development clinic. She enjoys working with children, whom you would often hear her referring them fondly as her “friends”!

Ho Ai Tee

Assistant Honorary Secretary
Ms Ho Ai Tee is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She has broad experience in supporting individuals coping with existential crises and life transitions. Her current professional areas of interest include anxiety disorders, flight phobia, couple relationships and giftedness. Trained as an MBSR teacher, she incorporates mindfulness into her clinical work. Her managerial experience and personal passion for lifelong learning have created many opportunities for her to supervise and coach executives at different leadership levels. She teaches at James Cook University as an adjunct staff.

Dr Julia Lam

Honorary Treasurer
Julia is a forensic psychologist in private practice. She also lectures on topics of impulse control disorders, behavioural addictions and forensic psychology. She provides forensic psychological assessment and reports on medico-legal issues relating to criminal, civil and family matters for Court purposes. A scientist-practitioner, she has worked in universities, hospitals, prisons and correction services, gambling treatment facilities and private clinics. She enjoys needlework (blackwork in particular) and catching up with friends over a yummy meal and a hot mug of chai tea latte.

Jeremy Chavell Jordan Oliveiro

SPS Membership Chair
Jerry is a Counselling Psychologist by training and is currently a Senior Manager at a polytechnic. He has other portfolio such as, Psychology and Research Lecturer, Academic Advisor, Paracounsellor, and Peer Helper Mentor. Jerry graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Southern Queensland, and holds a Masters degree in Counselling from Monash University. Previously, Jerry worked 5 years in the Social Service sector, at a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO). Jerry is most effective in working with youths and young adults. He is specialized in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and takes a special interest in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). Jerry has been with the society since 2016 as a sub committee member with the membership team and has also been actively involved in various SPS events. Jerry believes in helping youths succeed, and that “it takes a village to raise a child”

Adrian Toh

SRP Chair
Adrian received training in clinical psychology and he currently practices at a private practice - Thrive Family, where he works closely with adolescents and adults with various psychological issues. He has been a part of the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) since 2004, from being a student member to a full member. Adrian started contributing in 2006, where he provided help to start up the then Clinical-Counselling Special Interest Group (SIG). Subsequently, Adrian served in the SPS council from 2009 to 2016, where he took on various roles and responsibilities in the council. During his terms in the council, he had worked with the team on several initiatives to improve the administrative and financial processes. He had also assisted in the organisation of the ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies (ARUPS) Congress in 2015 as an Honorary Treasurer. His contribution to the SPS did not end after the four consecutive terms (of eight years) in the council. Adrian continued serving through the Singapore Register of Psychologists (SRP) sub-committees, where he was actively involved in the steering committee for the revised code of ethics (from 2015 to 2019), and he led in the application process of the SRP membership. In recognition of his contribution to the SPS, Adrian was awarded the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) 10-Years Long Service Award in 2018.
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Ivan Lee Ming Hao

Public Education Chair
Ivan Lee is a registered clinical psychologist (Malaysia and Singapore) passionate to assist people to lead better lives. He currently holds Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from HELP University, Malaysia. He is involved in providing mental health services and support to organizations of multiple settings including hospital and community. Throughout his clinical practice, he has been advocating for mental health awareness and his goal is to promote an accepting and caring community towards individuals with mental health conditions. He enjoys reading and has collection of Marvel’s Iron Man figurines.

Karyen Chai

Communications Chair
Karyen graduated with her BSc from University of Dayton, United States. Following which, she completed her Masters in Developmental Disorders and Clinical Practice at the University of York, United Kingdom. Upon returning to Singapore, she spent two years in research at the Singapore Institute of Neurotechnology at National University of Singapore. Outside of work and council, Karyen enjoys playing board-games and solving puzzles.
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Mok Kai Chuen

Publicity Chair
Kai Chuen graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) from the University of Wollongong, Australia, and is currently a researcher at a local university. He assists in leadership research for the Singapore Public Service, spanning across several Ministries and Stat Boards. Kai Chuen believes in lifelong learning and the importance of Psychology, not only for the clinical population but also for the general population and workforce. Kai Chuen has also been active in Psychological Societies since his undergraduate days and was previously President of SIM Psychology Society and Editor-in-Chief for MIND Magazine, a student-led publication for original articles and opinion pieces to explore unique psychological themes. He enjoys reading literature and comics, and a good cup of coffee - usually both at the same time.
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Dr Denise Dillon

Research Chair
Denise is a career academic with more than a decade of academic leadership experience. Following almost 10 years as the Head of Academic Group for psychology and education at a local branch of an overseas university, Denise made a lateral move to research leadership as Associate Dean of Research and Research Education. One of the most rewarding aspects of being an academic is the opportunity to train researchers through supervision of projects at the undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral levels. Denise has supervised almost 100 students to date and has also examined dozens of research theses. Denise’s primary area of research interest is in environmental psychology and she is a certified Forest Therapy Guide. A keen runner, Denise has completed 51 run events at the half marathon distance or above, with trail running a preference so as to enjoy the direct benefits of natural environments.

Dr Cynthia Yeo

Special Interest Group Chair
Cynthia currently practises both as a clinical psychologist and an educational psychologist in the private sector. Besides having worked in private practices, she had working experiences in the social sector as well. She graduated with a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from James Cook University, and obtained her Master of Arts in Applied Psychology (Educational Psychology) from the National Institute of Education (Singapore). She had earlier pursued a Master in Guidance and Counselling with James Cook University as well. In her current clinical practice, Cynthia works with a wide range of clinical issues and populations, ranging from children, adolescents, to adults. However, she is also passionate about passing her knowledge and skill sets to the next generation of psychologists and educators. This passion prompted her to become an adjunct lecturer with James Cook University for six years teaching the various modules under their Psychology programme. She currently plays the role of a tutor to the student teachers, and supervisor to trainee psychologists and allied educators at the National Institute of Education. Cynthia also enjoys doing voluntary work, both locally and overseas. She is highly passionate about her voluntary work at the Singapore Armed Forces Detention Barracks, a place where she has been serving for almost a decade. Her overseas voluntary stints included serving in an orphanage and the Boys’ Brigade. In the same spirit of volunteerism, she hopes to be able to support the growth of the different Special Interest Groups (SIG) that fall under the purview of the Singapore Psychological Society, and to bring each SIG to attain its next height. In addition, she hopes to develop a SIG core team and to encourage more collaborative professional efforts between the SIGs.
Note: Council Members were elected from the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) by members at the SPS 40th Annual General Meeting on 30 March 2019. Term of office is for a 2-year term (i.e., March 2019 to March 2021).