Vision: The Promotion of Human Well-Being in Singapore
Mission: To Advance the Research and Practice of Psychology in Singapore

Syed Muhammad is currently pursuing his Psychology honours at the Singapore University of Social Sciences and is also serving as one of the Community Engagement Directors at SPS Youth Wing. Presently also engaged in organisational development consulting work, he has a varied work background that includes internships with a psychology technology startup and the Singapore Prison Service, where he served as a project intern and I/O psychology intern, respectively. He has also gained valuable experience working at ST Engineering Aerospace.

Extensively involved in various volunteer groups ranging from mentorship programmes to research work, Syed firmly believes in youth advocacy and empowerment. His commitment to making a positive impact in the community is evident in his participation in these initiatives.

Syed’s psychology interests are diverse, encompassing psychology research and I/O psychology. Outside of work and academia, he enjoys binge-watching good Netflix releases and K-dramas, with a particular fondness for the horror genre. Additionally, he is passionate about investing, upskilling, exploring different cafes, and embarking on overseas travels.