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Mission: To Advance the Research and Practice of Psychology in Singapore

Singapore Psychological Society would like to introduce Dr Cynthia Yeo as the chairperson for our SIGs.

Cynthia currently practises both as a clinical psychologist and an educational psychologist in the private sector. Besides having worked in private practices, she had working experiences in the social sector as well. She graduated with a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from James Cook University, and obtained her Master of Arts in Applied Psychology (Educational Psychology) from the National Institute of Education (Singapore). She had earlier pursued a Master in Guidance and Counselling with James Cook University as well. In her current clinical practice, Cynthia works with a wide range of clinical issues and populations, ranging from children, adolescents, to adults.

A Message from Cynthia, SIG Chairperson:

Welcome to the SPS Special Interest Group (SIG) page!

Here you will find the various special interest groups and their activities under the SPS. It is part of the “lifeline” of the Society where the different SIGs support the professional growth of their members as well as growing together as a professional body. In view of achieving this goal, the SIGs frequently organise activities, such as professional networking events to get to know their members, peer supervision events to grow together professionally and to align practices amongst practitioners, public events to promote relevant psychological knowledge to the public and community, and occasionally closed eventswhen the SIG feels the needs to address sensitive topics amongst its members.

So come and be part of a SIG today and let’s grow together PROFESSIONALLY and as a PROFESSIONAL BODY! Do find time to browse the various SIGs and see which one(s) interest you (however, please read their “Member eligibility criteria” too).  See you at the SIG events!


About Us

SPS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) exist to support members in their professional development and facilitate the deepening of networks in focused areas of psychological practice.

Specifically, the role of a SIG includes:

  • Promoting and encouraging the study, research and advancement of the science and practice of psychology in Singapore;
  • Fostering discussion, cooperation and debate among members of the Society in the area of psychological interest.

Benefits of joining a SIG

SIGs provide members with an avenue to connect with others who share similar interests. We aim to benefit the practitioner, their area of specialisation, the clients they serve, and the profession at large.

  • Stay informed. Keep abreast of current research, emerging theories, and best practices.
  • Save money. Receive additional discounts on selected SIG events or activities.
  • Network. Gain access to a vibrant community of practitioners, where you can collaborate, learn, ask for advice, and share your insights and experience.
  • Get involved. SIGs provide members with the opportunity to volunteer for leadership roles within the SIG and larger psychological community. 

How to join

You MUST be a member with the SPS in order to join a SIG. For more information on SPS membership application, please click here.

For more information on the list of current SIGs, click hereKindly note that due to the nature of their professional practices, some SIGs will require their applicants to be trained specifically in that psychology specialisation and to produce proof of their training in order to join their SIG.